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Replacement LED Light Bulbs E27 Par20

PAR20 LED bulb

We also sell in MR16 & GU10 & E27 3W sockets


PAR30 LED bulb

PAR30 12W




Replacement LED Light Bulbs E27 Par20 Par30

NEW! Ultra Bright! 2009 The latest and most exciting product to be introduced using 6W or 12W of power. Ultra bright! Saves power and gives you usable light. Do not compare this with other LED light bulbs on the market, these actually work! The 6W should give you as much light output as a standard 60 watt light bulb, but consumes 8 times less power! These household LED bulbs are also dimmable, but NOT recommended for long term durability. These bulbs have very usable light and the brightness from any LED bulb ever seen.


  • E27 110V standard US socket (fits in standard sockets)
  • 6 Watt High Power LED giving you Super Light output 270 lumens average
  • 12 Watt High Power LED giving your Super Light output 500 lumens average
  • White 5000K color or Warm White 2800K
  • 25,000 hour lifetime


  • Replacement LED Light Bulb using 110V
  • Entertainment Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • City Beautification
  • Medical lighting
  • Low Power Use Lighting in Homes


  • Highest Brightness using 3 or 6 2W LEDs
  • Environmental protection
  • Saves Power (only 6 watt, 10% of the average 60 watt bulb)
  • Many applications in Home/Business
  • Uses normal US sockets such as any other 60 watt bulb
  • 20X the lifetime of a normal bulb while saving you energy!







    We also sell 3W MR16 & GU10 sockets

Household LED Light Bulb 110V E27


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