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Neon Tube Installation instructions
Above shown after removing the computer (WHITE) connector.
Neon Tube Installation instructions
CUT THE Yellow and Black Wires from the WHITE connector.
Under dash neon tube install
Neon tube install in the trunk of your car.
Under dash neon tube install
Install under your dash, and get power from the back of your radio unit or cigar adaptor.
neon tube behind tv
15" Blue Neon tube behind TV powered by AC-DC adaptor



Neon Tube Installation Instructions

*Warning do not reverse the polarity when wiring neon tubes as they will damage the transformer. Make sure you know which wire is positve and which wire is negative.

Installation instructions for Car/Boat Use.

1. If you are installing your neon tube or LED tube in your car then you need to cut off the computer connector. The computer connector is WHITE.

2. Connect the RED/Yellow to positive and Black to ground or Negative. These wires are the ones that goto the controller. The controller is what powers the neon tube with high voltage. You cannot remove the controller and hook DC power directly to your neon tube, it will not work. The controller gives 500+ Volts to the tube to turn it on. Make sure you do not touch any power coming out of the controller with your finders as its high voltage and will shock you. 12V feeding the controller cannot hurt you.

Depending on what neon tube kit you purchased, either 15" or 12", the 15" unit has sound activation, meaning it will blink to music with bass playing. This option can be turned on or off.

3. Install your neon tube under your dash, inside trunk, or anywhere you want to light up. You can use velcro to attach the neon tube to a surface, or apply some epoxy. Epoxy will work best. Make sure the tube is secure so it doesn't fall off and get damaged. Keep away from water and heavy vibrations.

Installation Instructions for Home Use

1. Find location with flat surface to mount neon tube.

2. Must us an AC-DC adaptor with 9-14V DC output (can be purchased from local store, removed from exisiting portable electronic device (such as telephone).

3. Remove computer connector from neon tube (if it has one) and attach AC-DC adaptor to wiring of neon tube controller. Yellow and Red are always positive. On AC-DC adaptors usually the wire with a WHITE line on it is Positive.

4. Mount neon tube using velcro, or adhesitve to flat surface. Test locations where to mount for best effect. For example, the neon tube mounted behind a TV will cause a blue glow effect behind your TV at night. Make sure the tube does not get serious vibration or impacts as this can damage the unit. Do not allow water in contact with the neon tube or wiring.


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