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LED motorcycle Kit

LED motorcycle Kit

motorcycle lights

bike lights

Motorcycle LED

5LED Motorcycle Pod

Basic Switch (below)

(*Optional Addons)

LED Switch Kit (below)

Wireless Switch (below)

4Channel Wireless (below)





Pro Series 1

144 LED Wireless Flexible Pro Kit (below)144 bike kit

LED Tube











Pro Series 2












Pro Series 3

Pro Series Bike Kit

Pro Series Bike Kit

Pro Series Bike Kit

Pro Series Bike Kit

Pro Series Bike Kit

Pro Series Bike Kit

Pro Series Bike Kit





















LED Motorcycle Lights
36 LED LED Kit for all Bikes/Cars/ATV

36 piece motorcycle LED kit is designed to work flawlessly with your ride! Easy to install! All kits are shipped directly from the USA to your door! LED use very low power and will never drain your battery!

Whats included:

  • Four 4LED Pods with heat resistant tubed covered wire
  • Four 5LED Pods with heat resistant tubed covered wire
  • 1 Basic Switch to use inline between battery and mount anywhere
  • (*optional upgrade to wireless switch)

Best complete kit! Normally $59.98 -On Sale $34.99 Free Shipping!

Complete kit for wiring your motorcyle up or the interior of your car! With this complete kit you have nothing to worry about. Just have extra wire on hand, twist ties and black tape. Make your motorcycle glow at nights! We sell you the important parts you need, not stuff you may already have laying around.

You get 4 of these 5LED Pods

About 2.2 inches long x .3 inch wide

You get 4 of these 4LED Pods

About 1.5 inches long x 0.8 wide

This Kit is designed for any motorcycle made! Great for cruisers! You can put these PODs all over the engine area or interior of a car! If you install this on a bike, it will make your bike really shine at night!

Also great for Crotch Rockets! Place a oval POD in the openings of your Flarings and place the rectangular PODs at your Rear Wheel!

This Is THE The Best And Brightest LED Accent Light Kit You Will Find anywhere! Sure some may sell you more fancy kits with the twist ties/fuse and charge you much more! Why would we need to send you the twist ties and wire when you can grab it locally for a few bucks. There hundreds of ways to install this product.

ORDER your 36 LED kit below!
On sale for $34.99 Free Shipping Limited Time Only!
of these 5LED PodsAbout 2 inches long x .3 inch wide

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will The Lights Drain My Battery? No, you should not have any draining problems if you do not leave the kit on for more than 3 hours at a time. However, it mainly depends on how you wire it. If you wire it to your battery directly, then it will need to be shut off when your done. But, if you wire it to your headlight wire, it will only turn on when your headlights are on. So, it really comes down to your installation.

Quality? Top quality! We manufacture our own LED products and give you a lifetime warranty.

About the Product? The main reason is that we manufacture my own LED Bulbs. We control the process and the price of the LEDs. These are quality LED Bulbs, as bright or even brighter than most on the market at a lower price. All this plus our lifetime guarantee. Buy my LED Motorcycle Accent Light Kit and if you are not happy just return the full kit and we will return your full purchase price! All of this plus our Lifetime Guarantee.

What Else May I Need? Thin 18-24 Gauge wire to run to your battery, some twist ties and electrical tape to seal all the connections. You shouldn't need a fuse as LED are low voltage and are very safe.

How to mount? Installation varies depending on bike model. The basic task is to get power from your bikes battery OR power from an existing wire with power. This is not too hard, as long as you have some extra wire on hand. You can use the supplied switch to put between the LEDs and the battery or buy from us a wireless controller, that can turn them on from a distance! BASIC LED INSTRUCTIONS

What are the brightness of the LEDs used?

Blue (12,000 MCD)
Green (15,000MCD)
Red (10,000 MCD)
UV (2,000 MCD) Most Dim
White (20,000 MCD) Brightest 
Orange =Amber (8,000 MCD)
Pink(8,000 MCD) Get 8 5LED only



Pro Series LED Motorcycle/Car Lights

  • Our higher end kit with remote operation includes:
  • 4 x 15 inch tubes with 144 LED Total
  • Flexible and Water Resistant Tubes
  • Multicolor operation
  • Wireless remote control operation from up to 100 feet (program instructions)
  • Sound activated option - flashes to beat of sound
  • Change through various patterns such as flashing, color changing and dimming modes
  • Can change flash speed and color changing speed
  • High quality and long lasting
  • 144 Super bright LEDs
  • Includes option use of cigar adapter, can be cut off and wired permanently
  • Please watch the below video for more details
  • Mounting Hardware Included along with cigar adapter, which can be cut off.


Introductory Price: $69.99 with FREE SHIPPING!



Pro Series 2 LED Kit Lights

This is our flag shipment motorcycle LED light kit with the largest amount of LED on board with 4 seperate strips and ability to control the lights colors remotely! Choose various colors or various light patterns on your motorcycle! Can be install as well on vehicles or in your home with AC-DC adapter sold on our website. 100% waterproof strips! Heavy duty! Please note this product is best for a car and not so much on motorcycle due to the size. Unless you have a large motorcycle.

Whats included?

  • 2 x 36 inch flexible strips
  • 2 x 48 inch flexible strips
  • Controller box and wiring
  • Wireless remote control with On/off and button for color selections

Special Offer: $89.99 with FREE SHIPPING!


Watch the video below and be amazed!:

Remote style may vary depending on stock


Pro Series 3 - 64 LED Motorcycle Lights

This is are smaller kit that works perfect on motorcycles. It includes 4 tubes and 4 special LED modules which can change many colors. All 8PCS are controlled by a LED controller that allows you to change colors, patterns and speed of patterns with the module and with a wireless remote control. Offers the same features as the Pro Series kit, but in a smaller package. The tubes are not flexible on this kit, but are heavy duty and small. Perfect for mounting in small area's.

Whats included?

  • 2 x 6 inch LED tubes with 18 Wide Angle LEDs each
  • 2 x 9 inch LED tubes with 12 Wide Angle LEDs each
  • 4 x single LED modules with multi-color capable LED
  • Controller box and wiring with cigar adapter (can be cut off and hard wired to any 12V)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Wireless Remote (program instructions)


  • Wireless remote control with on/off, color change, pattern change, speed change, sound activation mode.
  • Choose various flash patterns
  • Choose various colors
  • Change patterns with remote wirelessly or with button on controller box
  • Rainbow color change effect - Goes through Millions of colors
  • Have the unit automatically change color with beat of the music.

Introductory Price: $69.99 with FREE SHIPPING!

Pro Series Bike Kit

Is this a million color kit? Yes, it is capable of displaying many colors because it features a setting that allows it slowly or fast, change the brightness of its red, green, blue LED, creating a million color effect.

Is it water proof? The LED tubes are water proof, but the controller box is not. So if you mount the tubes in a area that can get some water, you must protect the controller box.

Can this beat to my music? Yes, not only can it blink to music, depending on what setting you have it on, it can also change color to music or flash different patterns to music. It's very cool!

Is this for car or motorcycle? Its designed for both cars and motorcycles. For cars, included is a cigar adapter plug. For bikes, you must cut this cigar adapter plug off and wire it in to your battery or any 12V power source on your bike. Remember, it has a wireless remote control, so no worries, just shut it off once your done with the remote.

Our motorcycle LED kit is designed to work on all motorcycles and ATV, including but not limited to Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki and Triumph. Now let me explain briefly why motorcycle LED lights are the better solution. They are cheaper. Maybe you use incandescent bulbs for years and you may say that they are the cheaper ones because you seen them together with some LED solutions in your favorite shop. If this is the case please ask yourself how many times you actually been in this shop to look for some replacements of your light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs burn out fast because the heat they generate cause them to have really short life especially in compare with the LEDs.
Motorcycle LED lights will last longer and because they produce cold light meaning they don’t produce heat they will also consume less energy. Less energy consumption means less fuel burned while on the road after nightfall.
Let me now go back a bit to the thing I started with – the two major issues we are discussing regarding your motorcycle lighting system. Basically it is true that other drivers should see you well in order to prevent accidents and this is even more important when you drive together with other motorists.
If you own a motorcycle I am sure that you know that the more motorcycles around you when on the road the more fun it is to drive. And what can not be fun about that? Maybe we just need to add some hard rock and the whole picture will look just the way many of us like it.
It will be the perfect idyll – a great symbol of freedom. It could look like the life we prefer to have. Or it could quickly turn to the hell we never wish to see in real life. One mistake is more than enough when driving together in a big column of motorcycles. One mistake and your life could be in danger simply because the little wire inside your incandescent bulb burned out in a very bad time.
I am aware that this is a pretty extreme case and the possibility for it to happen may not look too big. My experience however points that usually the things we see as trivial pick the worse time to make our life harder.
Of course there is no need to worry too much about these awful looking cases. Motorcycle LED lights are not just made to be durable and to protect you or to save you some fuel. They are bright, they come in many colors and they really could be fun. One simple calculation could show you that with the energy you save by just using LEDs you could provide additional illumination to show your friends and everyone who manage to see you on the road that you have real style.
The technology of LEDs will provide you all the light you need and since this is good enough everything else is up to you. You are the one who should pick the right color and the right way to install the motorcycle LED lights into your own motorcycle. The good thing here is that the body of the motorcycle reflects the light provided by the LED system and this could give for example the perfect poisonous look with some nice green lights located in the proper places. However always remember to let your tail lights be the most visible ones from behind your motorcycle because security always comes first.



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