LED lights
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LED tubes
Red Led Tube
Red LED tube
Red Tube shown above
UV LED tube
WOW! Look how bright! And easy to install!
Blue Led tube
Install LED tubes under car dashes or custom mount in home interior cabinets for a light show that never stops.










8 Inch LED
8 Inch Blue LED tube sound activated









LED Tube White
18W White LED tube









18 LED Tube Blue
18 LED Tube Blue
18 LED Tube White
18 LED Tube White






LED Tubes Red Blue Green UV White

LED tubes with 12 LEDs in each tube. Every two tubes come with one controller box that you can use to change 8 different lighting patterns by with push-switch. Sold in Red, Blue, White, Green and UV = ultra violet. They are sold in a set of 4 only. Sorry, colors of the LED tubes cannot be mix-matched. This is the best value on LED tubes on the market.
  • 48 LED total
  • 2 x Multifunction On/Off/Flash Pattern Controllers (Wired)
  • DO I NEED ANYTHING? No you're set with what you need to use on computer or car. All you will need is an AC-DC adaptor for home use such as behind TV or in cabinets to add lighting
  • Designed to work in automotive, computer and home usage with minor modifications to wiring.
  • 48 Super Bright LED will shine a direct light onto your surface.
  • Mounting can be done with included 3M type pads or you can glue the tubes to any surface.
  • Each tube uses less than 1/2 Watt
  • Please note UV is very dim due to the nature of UV/Purple light
  • 4 LED TUBES for $36.99 FREE SHIPPING!


LED tube kit
COMES WITH EVERYTHING READY TO USE! Cut the yellow/black wire to use with car or keep to use with your computer! CLICK TO ENLARGE

Click above to watch these LED tubes in action.
  • 8 speed settings , from slow to fast patterns
  • 12 LEDs in each tube
  • Great illumination
  • Easy install plug and play
  • 12 V DC
  • 11.8" Acrylic Tube
  • 2 tubes are powered from one controller module
  • Tubes are required to be powered by the provided controller.


Blue Led tube

You can use these LED tubes for any purpose you desire as long as you provide it with 12V.


LED Tubes - 2 x 8 Inch Sound Activated

  • Brand new, full packing and high quality guaranteed!
  • Compatible with all 12 V Car 
  • You get 2 8 inche tubes with one purchase
  • Stick it at anywhere inside your car to create a special interior lighting environment.
  • Good fit to stick it on or beside the audio panel.
  • Powered by cigarette lighter socket, easy to install
  • Super Bright Built-in 2x15 BLUE LED
  • Two operation mode: Always ON (All LED ON) or Sound Activation mode 
  • Make of Plastic, light weight
  • LED tube length: 8 inch
  • Electric wire length: 6.5 feet (from the plug to the LED tube)
  • Adjustable tube angle:  0 - 90 degree
  • $29.00 FREE SHIPPING!


LED Tube - White 18 LED

SMT White 18W

  • 18W high power LED tube in White color
  • 18 Super Bright White Surface Mount LED’s (SMT)
  • 8 – 30 Volt AC/DC 420 mA @ 12 Volt = 5 Watt
  • Length 12 11/16” 32 mm Width 1” 25.4 mm
  • $49.99 FREE SHIPPING!

This LED tube light has 18 super-bright surface mount LED’s. The surface mount LED’s are super bright and very energy efficient, consuming only 5 watts, which makes them great for any application. This tube light is perfect for being mounted underneath cabinets or just where light is needed. The tube has a frosted lens so the light from is evenly dispersed. There are also terminals on both sides of the light to easily connect to a power source or to tether more lights together. To power these lights simply connect the unit to any 8 - 30 volt AC/DC source. Mounting brackets and power cord are both included.



LED Tube - 18 LED White or Blue

The 18 LED stick is 12” long with 18 LED built in an acrylic tube. This is a higher output 18 LED tube, brighter than our standard 4 LED package sold. It has a 27.5” long 22AWG wires with both male and female molex 4pin connectors which can be cut to a two bare wires to fit more applications. Perfect for 12V applications in your car or home with our power supply. Can be mounted under cabinets or behind aquariums.
  • 11.8" Acrylic Tube
  • 18 Pcs LED Lights
  • 27.5"(70Cm) Wire Length
  • 22 AWG Wire with 4Pin male and female connectors
  • The wire can be cut as bare wire for D.I.Y projects.
  • 12V DC Input.
  • Two Molex Connectors, one male one female
  • $18.99 FREE SHIPPING!



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