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LED emergency lights


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LED Emergency Lights

LED emergency lights are generally used to provide light when the primary source of light is temporally interrupted. One general purpose of these lights is to mark exit pointers. This allows for people to be properly guided outside of the building if necessary. It will let them see the guiding pointers even if there is no light at all. Properly installed LED emergency lights system should allow for everyone to see enough in order to exit the building no matter if they know well the path or don't know it at all. LED emergency lights also include police lights, fire saftey lights, EMS lights and rescue operation lights.

For many years the LED lighting bodies suffered because the technology was not able to provide good light delivery in every direction like incandescent bulbs do. However today the new LED emergency lights are able to deliver the light in a better way and this makes possible for them to be seen easily from every angle. This can be seen in todays new lighting equipment for police lights on the street.

Let me now tell you about a few secrets about the LED technology which makes it perfect to be used in the LED emergency lights. First of all the power consumption of LEDs is very low. You could sometimes save like 90% of the energy you will normally use with incandescent bulbs. Even if you think that this is not very important for you because you don’t use too many lights let me point your thoughts in one different direction. Lower energy consumption means not only less money paid for the energy. It means that you could use better energy sources like for example the solar energy.

Solar systems provides low voltage DC electricity which is perfect for the LED technology and if you want to implement both of them you could easily do that without loosing energy during any kinds of energy transformation. Of course for LED emergency lights it will be easier and perhaps better for you just to use standard batteries which will not need to be replaced for very long time especially if you use the system in cases where it doesn't need to turn on very often. For example it could be great if you use it for the case I already told you about – the guiding emergency lights.

Another great thing about the LED technology is that it generates almost no heat. This is the reason why people like to call the light produced from LEDs – cold light. This wonderful feature of the LED technology save you money. It is so because this is the hidden factor behind the 90% less energy consumption you read about in almost every LEDs advertisement. Less energy consumption because of the no heat generation. That also helps for the creation of the body of LEDs. They don’t need to endure high temperatures and even simple plastic materials will do fine with them. In the case of incandescent bulbs and other kinds of light sources manufacturers should use glass or other more durable and of course more expensive materials.
I discussed with you many issues which were generally connected to investment. When we invest money into something we don’t just worry for the money but also for the quality we get. That’s why I will now move the subject a bit and give you some thoughts about reliability of LEDs. It is generally known that it is less likely for LED to fail in compare with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

When we talk about emergency lights we should keep in mind that case of emergency means that something already failed. Emergency always points a critical condition and that means that from that moment we don’t want for other things to fail. And this is why the reliability of LEDs together with all other aspects is highly valued.


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