LED lights
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LED Driving lights

Our LED 008 modules can be installed as vehicle fog lights. These high power leds make great driving lights.

H1 H7 driving lights

LED Driving Lights

LED driving lights are the wave of the future. Imagine a headlight bulb that would never burn out. LED driving lights can be seen in todays exotic cars such as the Audi R8, S4 and porsche 911 turbo. The advantage of using LED lights for your headlights, turn signals or tail lights comes very simple. They consume low power, have low heat, are small and compact in size, last much longer than normal bulbs, can turn on/off within miliseconds, and can be more bright for certain applications. This proves LED driving lights the future in automotive, motorcycle and vehicle lighting needs. Current vehicles such as the S4, R8, BMW M6 and porsche 911 series use LED front blinkers and daytime runing lights.

Types of bulbs LEDs can be integrated with:

1157 / 1156 / 3157 = Bulbs used for turn signals, brake and tail lights on most vehicles.

H1, H7, H3, H4 H11, H13, 9006, 9004, 9007 = Bulbs used for headlights and fog lights of 95% of halogen equiped vehicles.

From the above, we can see the need for LED driving lights is strong. Using these leds in such small housing remains a challenge. There are a few products that already have made these bulbs in LED form a reality, however their actual useabilty remains questionable.


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