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LED christmas lights


led xmas lights

Solar Christmas Lights


LED Christmas Lights

32Ft Xmas Decoration LED Rope Light - 8 patterns

  • New generic LED Icicle String Christmas Rope Light 32 ft /10m, 100 ct.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Ideal Xmas decorations
  • LED technology for vivid and brighter colors.
  • Save up to 88% of energy than standard bulbs
  • Powered by a included AC adapter
  • Features an attached micro processor control with 8 lighting patterns
    • Combination
    • In waves
    • Sequential
    • Slow Glow
    • Chasing / Flash
    • Slow Fade
    • Twinkling / Flash
    • Steady On
  • 100 LED lights brighten up the X'mas atmosphere in your home or office
  • Length: 32.8 feet / 10m
  • Wire Color: tan
  • NOTE: for indoor use only

Available in White, Blue, Multicolor



Solar Power LED Christmas Lights

  • 100 LED Solor powered christmas lights
  • Perfect for chirstmas or just decorating your outdoors
  • Fully soloar powered with rechargeable battery installed
  • No external power supply is required
  • Auto sensor controls lighting and recharging
  • 10.7M length of lights
  • 9cm LED bulb spacing
  • Solor panel is 8.5cm x 8cm
  • Ground Spike 17.5cm
  • 2 Light Modes: Flashing or Glimmering
  • You can also choose Steady On



LED Christmas Lights Info

LED Christmas Lights - Christmas – maybe one of the most exiting words children like. The time for something fun, for something that will captivate their minds with its spirit and beauty. And when we come to think about it – what is the beauty of Christmas and what makes the little green tree alive?
The lights. Maybe not only but the lights during Christmas are one thing that this lovely celebration must have. And when we walk across the store one kind of lights comes first – LED Christmas lights.
Of course there are many other solutions but today when technology is the world around us almost all the time we should ask ourselves what is best for us. LED Christmas lights looks beautiful and this is the first thing you will see in them. They have enough illumination and they come in many colors. Just imagine what one beautiful bright star right on top of the your Christmas tree could mean for your kids.
It is not just that. You could buy a whole tree of light for them if you prefer. But before we dive into the beautiful world of LED Christmas lights let me give you some technical information about these products. I will do that not to bore you with details but to actually relief you of thoughts about the payment for electricity next month or about the faded smiles of your kids when they see that their beautiful lights are no more.
First of all – let me tell you. There will be no sad faces because of the LED Christmas lights simply because they will last. They come with life time guarantee usually into one durable construction piece. I know that this nice warranty will help you a lot before Christmas because we all like to pick good solutions. One perfect addition to this is the 50,000 hours of bulb life. That means that in normal circumstances the bulbs that are emitting the light will last for way more than the actual celebration.
When I am saying cheap I don’t just mean the prize of the product. I am also referring to the money you will invest into electricity. Maybe you actually seen the 90% less energy consumption mark on some of these products. It is no fiction as you may think – it is just the reality of the technology the way we know it today.
Now let’s forget about all technical information because it is not relevant to us anymore. It already proofed the ideas beside it and I am sure that each one of you could see all the details about it in many places because when something is good it is simply used and it is available.
No matter how close or how far away the Christmas eve looks in your mind your kids will keep it in their hearts all the time. This is exactly why we want everything to be perfect for our loved ones during that night. This is why we want to feel good during that night. LED Christmas lights may not give you everything you desire during Christmas eve but they are a good start.
This year the special night you look for could be very different. It could shine in citrine orange or warm white. If you prefer it could bring the magic into the night with the light of some amethyst purple LEDs or maybe the pure white crystal color will be just the thing for you. Xmas is never too far away and today you could pick the way it will shine for you and everyone you love because LED Christmas lights are available and the ones you like the most are already waiting for you somewhere.


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