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Discount LED

Led Driving Lights

You have come to the right place for discount leds. Don't buy from anyone else until you look at our selection of led products. View our large selection of Discount LEDs

Why not to buy LEDs from the store such as Radio Shack?

The leds you buy from radio shack are not nearly as bright as the leds we sell. The brightness is measured by MCD. Our LEDs have high MCD, ranging from 7,000-11,000 (for the 5mm and 8mm). The 1 watt and 3 watt leds are 100,000+ MCDs

Second, the ones you buy from the store do not have resistors attached to them, so if you connect it to your cars battery or motorcycle, it will blow up. You need resistors to reduce the voltage of the power you send to the leds. Most leds need only about 2-4 volts and cannot work with the cars/motorcycle/boats 12V. Don't even thinking about hooking them to your wall outlet, you will need a AC-DC adaptor. Look in our other guides to find out more info about AC-DC adaptors.

Why such discounts on our product?

We cut the middle man out! Yes, you’re buying direct from the warehouse at exceptionally low prices. We send direct to you from our warehouses using USPS mail. We don't charge you any shipping! You cannot beat our selection and quality!


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