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Commercial lighting solution

Commercial lighting solution using LED technology

Is your company looking for a lighting solution to meet your needs? Not only can we manufacture specialty lighting but we can work with you to design. We have years of engineering skill in the design of lights with LED integration. LED lighting is the future and with our help we can make your project a reality. We specialize in commercial lighting engineering using the latest LED technology such as the 1watt/3watt high power LEDs! We can work with any of your commercial, industrial and retail product lighting requirements.

Please take the time to Contact Us to discussing your needs:

  • Requirements?
  • Quantity?
  • Target Pricing?

Choose from various commercial lighting solutions for your application. From 12V high power leds to rope lights for commercial applications. Using LED technology is the wave of the future for power savings and long life of product. Our LED lighting has been used in large cooperations for cheap and effective decor lighting to energy savings.





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