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High quality unit!

ac wall


110V AC Wireless Remote Control

Remote Control Wireless system! HOT!    $50 RETAIL!

2  - Two Wall plug-in units that can control any normal device such as TV, Stereo, Lights etc...

1 - High quality remote control that can control both units.

Imagine! Control any household appliance item such as lights or electronics wirelessly! Turn them on/off with this remote control. This unit can work great with products on this site. However you still need to have an AC-DC adapter since all led products sold on this site are for 12V DC use. This product is great for installation to turn on accent lighting in your home. Install lights anywhere there is a outlet and not worry about house wiring to turn it on.

  • Remote Response Range: 0~100ft
  • Remote Battery: 12V, 23Amp, Alkaline NOVACELL
  • Operating Voltage: 110Vac ~ 120Vac (50~60Hz)
  • Maximum Power output: 750 watts
  • Bandwidth: 433.92 MHz

Installation instructions click here!




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