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PAR 38 LED Bulb

Par 38 LED spot light

spot light

LEDs USED inside of each PAR38 x 120 (above)

  • PAR38-120C/5000K 13,000 mcd
  • PAR38-120WarmW 10,000 mcd
  • PAR38-120Red 4,000 mcd, 
  • PAR38-120Yellow 4,000 mcd
  • PAR38-120Green 10,000 mcd
  • PAR38-120Blue 4,000 mcd
  • PAR38-120-RGB(60 LEDs)  



spot light





spot light

spot light






PAR 38 LED Bulb - Spot Light

NEW! STATE OF THE ART! 2008 Par38 LED Bulb using 120 LEDs to create a super bright output light bulb. Great for indoor or outdoor spot light applications. Low power use, no heat, long life.


  • E27 110V standard US socket for PAR 38 housings
  • 5 Watt power usage
  • 200 lumens output average
  • 4.75 in Diamter 5 inches high
  • White or Blue color


  • Household Spot Light indoor / outside
  • Entertainment Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • City Beautification
  • Medical lighting
  • Portalbe Lighting
  • Low Power Use Lighting in spotlights


  • High Brightness PAR 38 LED Bulb
  • Environmental protection
  • Saves Power (only 5 watt, 5% of the average 100 watt bulb)
  • Many applications in Home/Business
  • Uses normal US sockets such as any other 100 watt bulb
  • 20X the lifetime of a normal bulb while saving you energy!

$45.99 Each FREE SHIPPING!



PAR 38 LED Bulb - 15W High Power

The Par 38 15 Watt 12 LED Spot Lamp has the standard E27 Screw in Base: Installation is Fast and Easy. No modification necessary. Simply unscrew the old energy wasting Incandescent or Compact Fluorescent bulb and screw in the new PAR 38 15 Watt 12 LED energy efficient long life replacement. For the perfect retrofit or new installation, our PAR 38 9x1.5W LED Spot Lamps offer an unlimited variety of uses. Uses total of 15W high power LEDs. This light is comparable to 120W+ light bulb. This is the best PAR38 on the market! Voltage use 85-265V AC

Luminous Flux: 1000 Lumens
Base Type E27: Standard replacement of existing energy draining Incandescent or Compact    
Fluorescent with no modification.
Beam Angle: 30 Degrees
Body Temperature: Less than 53 degrees Celsius
LED Working Temperature: Less than 62 degree Celsius
Brightness Degradation:  3%-5%/1kh
Life Span: 50,000 hours
Cool White: (5000K) or Warm White or Red or Blue
Silver Aluminum Housing (Copper is shown however)
No UV or IR Radiation


PAR38 15W Color


PAR20 LED Bulb
6W or 10W High Power

Much smaller than our PAR38, however these light bulbs are very bright for their size. For this reason it can be used as a replacement for a PAR38. We offer it at a great savings over the PAR38 12W with only mininal light loss.

PAR20 Model
 PAR 20 - 6W Light Bulb
  • 3 X 2W cree chip white LED
  • Housing :  Die cast aluminum alloy
  • Size : Φ65.00mm X 120.00mm 
  • Input voltage : AC 110~220V
  • 270 Lumens

PAR 20 - 10W Light Bulb

  • 5 X 2W cree chip white LED
  • Housing :  Die cast aluminum alloy
  • Size : Φ65.00mm X 120.00mm 
  • Input voltage : AC 110~260V
  • 500 Lumens

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