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LED Dimmer - Dim LEDs!








LED Dimmer - Dim LEDs!

This LED Dimmer is used on 12 volt systems to dim your leds, it also has an on/off switch all on one knob!

Simple three wire connection, just connect to your LED's and to your battery power.

Your pre-wired LEDs and LED circuit boards must already be set up to run on 12 volts, the dimmer will lower the voltage to dim the leds to your desired level.

The dimmer can be used on other voltage levels from 6 to 33 volts as long as the LEDs are configured to be driven from that voltage. Example: A 6 volt tractor can use this dimmer as long as the LEDs are designed to run on 6 volts. You will typically lose about 1~2 volts from input to output between the dimmer. Due to various forward voltages (Vf) of different LED colors, the LEDs may dim different from color to color.

Fuse holder could be black or white.

Please ask if your LEDs will work with this dimmer before ordering. All pre wired 12V single LEDs will work just fine.






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