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AC-DC Power Supply 12V

Power supply connection



Power supply connection













Power supply connection








AC-DC LED Power Supply 12V

AC-DC LED Power supply for 12V Electronics such as LEDs, Neons and other electronics that run of 12V DC current. If you want a reliable AC-DC Power supply, this is the best in the market. Low cost and reliable for all your 12V electronics.

Your household power is 110AC in the USA. All products on this site run from 12V DC, so you must convert this voltage with this unit if you want to use in your building.

100-240V AC input

12V DC ouput 1A (12 watts max)

  • USA Style outlet Plug is included

Where do I hook up the wires to feed my 12V device or LED?

This unit comes with a removable top with screw. Under, you can hook your 12V device to a terminal with a small scew driver.



How many 5mm and 8mm LEDs can I connect to this LED power supply?

You can connect usually upto 30 5mm or 8mm LEDs to this unit without problem.

Can I dim LEDs with some kind of dimmer?

Yes, Visit our LED Dimmer page - we sell an LED Dimmer


150W LED Power Supply 12V

This is a high current power supply rated at 150W DC@12V

This is our professional grade LED power supply. It provides steady and clean 12V DC power up to 12.50 Amps. Power cord not included. You must use your own wall cord. It can be bought local or taken from any existing electrical device such as computer, clock, you name it.


  • High Efficiency & Reliable
  • Low Noise & Ripple
  • Output over Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection on all outputs
  • Complies with FCC part 15J Class B 115VAC operation and CISPR 22 230VAC operation
  • Approved by UL.CUL.CE & CB
  • Installed with EMI Filter
  • Dimensions: 6" L x 4" W x 1.5" H
  • Terminals for input and output
  • Screw knob for adjusting voltage

How many high power LEDs can I hook to this unit?

You should be able to hook at least 50-60 High Power LEDs to this unit or 250+ small 5mm or 8mm LED. This is perfect for applications were you will use many lights and don't want multiple power supplies.

  • Wave and Noise : 180mVp-p
  • Inlet stability: +/- 0.3%
  • Efficiency 80%
  • Adjustable range for DC voltage: 10.6-13.2V
  • AC Input voltage: 86-132VAC or 170-264VAC by selector
  • Over voltage protection 115-135%
  • Isolation resistance: input and output internal: input and enclosure, output and enclosure: 500VDC/100M ohm
  • Setup Rise hold up time: 100ms, 50ms, 20ms


Connect terminals:

INPUT: (L and N) to your wall using any outlet plug, such as ones found with computers. Ground is also provided if you decide to wire that as well to your outlet, but not needed.


  • V+ will wire to your positive of your electronic device
  • COM is connected to the ground or negative of your electronic device.

V+ Adjust is used to tweak the ideal voltage for your device 10.6-13.2V


9V Battery Clip (Pack of 2)

Allows you to power any 9V-12V ready LED or device with a 9V battery sold everywhere. Works with most of our LED products making them portable.

Wiring required, +/- with electrical tape $2.99 for 2pcs




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