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Specifications based on color:

Input Voltage: 6V to 14V

Light Output in MCD:

  • Red 15,000 MCD
  • Amber 5000 MCD
  • Green 11,000 MCD
  • Blue 10,000 MCD
  • White 11,000 MCD
  • UV 1000 MCD
  • Purple 3500 MCD
  • Yellow 4500 MCD
5mm Blue LED
5mm Red LED
Purple LED
5mm Purple
Water proof
WATER PROOF! We don't tell you! We show you!
Water proof
In your 5mm or 8mm LEDs in your toy trucks!

Water proof

Water proof
LED Holders for 5mm LEDs above, and 8mm Chrome Holders.

8mm LED in shower
5mm or 8mm LEDs used for LED shower custom installation




5mm & 8mm LEDs Wired

  • Best Deal on the Best LEDs!
  • All LEDs Each come with wire & resistor attached for 12V use
  • Wire is at least 19 inches length with 24 gauge wires attached to each LED
  • Will also work for 6V-13V DC or AC applications
  • 5mm and 8mm refers to the lense diameters (same brightness)
  • 8mm gives the LED a more WIDE BEAM 35 degs vs 5mm 25 degs
  • Assembled in the USA! Top Quality!
  • Water Proof! We don't tell you! We show you!

Wired LEDs mean you don't need to do any work! We attach the correct resistor values for the LED specifications. LEDs require special resistor values otherwise they will burn out instantly! We only sell 10 at a time or more. We ship these LEDs from the USA! Not China!

Buy LEDs with wires attached below with FREE SHIPPING!

Choose LED Size
Choose Color
Colors You Want *10/Color Only

*Please note: specify what colors you want in the note box above if ordering 100 LEDs at a time! Please list even numbers of 10 only! We cannot send you 1 or 2 or 3 etc leds in separate colors.

Buy LED Holders below with FREE SHIPPING!

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8mm wired LED
  8mm LED
5mm LEDs Lined Up
  5mm LEDs

*Only for 100 pack deals can you mix colors


Do these 5mm and 8mm LEDs come with resistors?

Yes, a minature resistor is installed after the LED. The impedence of the resistor is choosen so these LEDs can operate at 12V DC.

How long is the wire attached to each LED?

The wire is at least 1ft for each LED 26 gauge wire

Where can you install these 5mm or 8mm LEDs?

The installation locations are endless. Many use them for accent lighting in vehicles or motorcycles. Some even use them in their home for accent or decoration.

Can these LEDs be put in a string or also called series wiring?

No, you must install in parallel unless your power supply is greater than 12V, for example 24V would require you to place 2 of them in series.

How do I wire these LEDs to my car/boat/or even home?

5mm Blue LED

Easy enough? But where do I get this switch?

You can use a wireless switch or a normal switch as shown. Goto our switch or wireless switch section.

If you want these LED without pre-wiring? See our LED 100 packs here.

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